Christmas Eve in Yokohama (Part 1)

(December 24, 2012)

There were three liners berthed at Osanbashi, the main port of Yokohama on Christmas Eve. The biggest of the three, Asuka II , a 50,100- ton, 900-passenger liner, came back from a one night cruise.  Next biggest was Pacific Venus, 26,600-ton, 700-passenger liner, which also came back from a one night cruise. The third was much smaller, The Royal Wing, a 2,900-ton liner that is based there for port cruises; can you notice a big baloon Santa Claus on the vessel?  

Facts about Yokohama

A talk with Steve Mickevics, my tutor

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Kohoku New Town

Jike countryside

Jike Art & Craft Corridor

SMEs in Tsuzuki, Yokohama

The Philippines

The Middle East

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