The beauty of the Jike countryside, northern Yokohama, all year round


The Jike countryside is located in the northern part of Yokohama. Farming has been a way of life for people at Jike. Besides rice, wheat, millet, buckwheat, sesame, raw silk and soy beans have been recorded as agricultural produce. Sericulture was once predominant from the late 19th to the early 20th Century. Now, Jike has become a new farmland that seeks a harmony between farming and urbanization. Many people visit Jike: joggers, people walking their dogs, taking photos, drawing sketches, watching birds, participating in fauna and flora field observations among other activities. There is an information center and a restaurant. Visitors are also attracted by Jike’s small art galleries and studios for artists, mostly making handmade furniture and porcelain. 


The following photos depict Jike all year round: from cold winter (January to February) to spring and early summer (April to June), to hot and humid mid/late summer (July to September), to autumn and again to winter (October to December).  


Cold winter (January – February)


Sometimes, it snows at Jike. Cold winter shows the sign of spring in February when plum trees blossom. Here is a Haiku by Rensetsu Hattori (1654-1707): “Seeing a plum blossom, makes one feel the warmth of spring.”



Getting warmer towards early summer (April-June)


Iconic cherry blossoms are usually seen from the end of March to early April. More flowers bloom, followed by rice planting in May to June. Here is a Haiku about cherry blossoms: “Spotting cherry blossoms, a feudal lord dismounted from his horse.” By Issa Kobayasi (1763-1827)



Hot and humid summer (July –September)


A typical monsoon summer, “unbearably” hot and humid. Rice fields have become greener and greener, before turning brownish ready for harvesting. 



Getting cold (October-December)


Rice harvesting is followed by the beautiful scenery of trees aflame with red, orange and yellow leaves. Soon, the Jike countryside will become quiet and brace for winter again. 


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