This website is aimed at providing some form of cooperation and collaboration between the local community in northern Yokohama, Japan and the rest of the world.  
















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Seiho Takeuchi (1864-1942), a master artist

















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What determines the location of a capital: The case of Cairo, Egypt













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The Manila-Acapulco Galleon trade route










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Photos taken in July:

A national park in northern Japan








Photos taken in July:

Mount Mitake in the western part of Metropolitan Tokyo







Children's day in 2019







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Selected photos of Yokohama at night






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Majestic sailing vessels

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Facts about Yokohama

A talk with Steve Mickevics, my tutor

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Kohoku New Town

Jike countryside

Jike Art & Craft Corridor

Made in Tsuzuki, Yokohama

The Philippines

The Middle East

By Fabienkhan

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