Disaster prevention drill

(Submitted on December 5, 2012)

This year’s disaster prevention drill for the Edanishi area was held on Saturday, December 1, at Edanishi primary school, which is designated as an emergency evacuation center as well as a first aid station.


The drill was organized by a steering committee of three parties: namely Aoba ward office, Edanish primary school and community groups. This was my second participation in the drill as one of the representatives from our residents’ association.


There were three parts for the drill. First, how to use an emergency tank for potable water. This tank is installed underground on the school premises and contains about 60 tons of water, which will support roughly 6,600 people for three days (based on the assumption that three liters of water is needed for a day per person). During normal times, water flows constantly through the tank as it is connected to the public water pipes; in this way the tank always maintains fresh water. So, when water is cut off for whatever reason, people can rely on this water resource temporarily.  


For the purpose of the drill, water maintenance personnel from the local government demonstrated to us how to get water from the tank by using a manual pump that is connected to eight taps.    


Second part was “emergency message dial, 171”. This is a voice message service provided by NTT, a major telephone operator in Japan. The demonstration of this service was provided by NTT staff. If you happen to be in a disaster-stricken area and you are OK, then you can record a message like this: “My husband and I are Ok, we are at home.” Your family members or friends who live outside of the disaster area and are finding it difficult to get to you by phone, can access this message.


Third part was to observe emergency tools and materials that are stored at an emergency shed located on the primary school premises. After noontime, the weather suddenly turned windy and bitterly cold, nevertheless some 200 people from our community participated in this event. Here are some photos of the drill.  


  A registration sheet      Registration for incoming













Handouts for participants: a small plastic bag for shoes, some tissue paper and a bottle of water.







Also some handouts: booklets for disaster prevention tips and masks.

Some of the emergency tools and materials that were displayed outside the emergency shed. You can see portable toilets, a stretcher, lighting apparatus with a portable engine generator among others.






Preparing for the demonstration of the emergency tank for potable water




Because of the bad weather, registration for incoming participants took place inside the school gymnasium (note that participants

were carrying small plastic bags with their shoes in them, as they had changed to their indoor shoes which they brought from home)






Observing emergency tools and materials, which took place also inside the gymnasium because of the bad weather.







The demonstration of the emergency message dial, 171 by NTT staff.

The demonstration of the emergency tank by water maintenance personnel.



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