Lotus flowers

(Submitted on August 15, 2012)

Every August, I make it a rule to visit “Yakushi-Ike” park located in Machida in order to see the magnificent lotus flowers. This year it was on August 10, hot and humid as always. I would like to show you some of the photos that I took on that day.





A beautiful lotus flower in vivid pink. It is interesting to know that lotus flowers at Yakusi-Ike were originally re-planted from flowers that grew out of 2,000- something- year old seeds.













When the petals of a lotus flower fall, sprinkling-can-looking seeds will stick out.

Here is some information about lotus flowers. In Buddhism, a lotus flower (which originated in India) happens to be a familiar and sacred item: in particular, a stand for a Buddha statue is engraved with the shapes of lotus flowers. It is said that a beautiful lotus flower growing out of muddy water symbolizes Buddha’s profound wisdom and benevolence. Underground edible stalks (stems) are household vegetables in Japanese cuisine.


Following are some more photos from my album.







A lone painter sitting in front of a lotus flower (August 8, 2007)







Taking a close-up photo, close enough? (August 5, 2006)




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