Yayoi, the third month in the old Japanese lunar calendar

(Submitted on March 6, 2013)

Plum blossoms at the East Garden of the Imperial Palace, Tokyo, on March 18, 2012.


As the old Japanese lunar calendar started around the end of January to mid-February, Yayoi, the third month, corresponded to as early as  mid-April to late May in the Gregorian calendar. Matching well with the season, Yayoi was supposed to mean the month of ever growing plants.


Let’s stick to March. The month is always related to graduation at school and the end of the financial year for government and private entities: undoubtedly the busiest month for many people.


Taking this opportunity let me show you some haikus from master poets (with my attempt at translation into English).

Courtesy Yoshi Canopus
Courtesy Yoshi Canopus









“Finding village children playing,

as the snows melt away”,


by Issa Kobayasi (1763-1828)

 Courtesy Aleksandr Gertsen
Courtesy Aleksandr Gertsen







“Seeing a plum blossom, makes one feel

the warmth of spring.”          


By Ransetsu Hattori (1654-1707)



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