Mutsuki, the first month in the old Japanese lunar calendar

(Submitted on January 16, 2013)

According to the old Japanese lunar calendar, the first month was called “Mutsuki”, which meant something like family gathering and feasting. The fifth of Mutsuki (January 5) was earmarked as the date of entering mid winter which would reach its peak around February 20. Incidentally, we just had the first snow (more than 10 centimeters) of this winter in Yokohama on January 14.


Did you know that this year is called the “year of the snake” according to the Chinese zodiac calendar? Creepy name? Well, snakes are revered by some as “gods of productiveness”, or “gods of climate”. Another point in defense of snakes – molting; it is said that the molting signifies “resurrection”.


Here are some photos from my album, which I took this month.







Family gathering on January 2, including some relatives






A decorated rice cake prepared for the New Year, which we usually eat on January 11.








The first snow on January 14

Facts about Yokohama

A talk with Steve Mickevics, my tutor

From my album:

Kohoku New Town

Jike countryside

Jike Art & Craft Corridor

SMEs in Tsuzuki, Yokohama

The Philippines

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