Two beautiful aircraft, advanced trainers for the US Air Force

(Posted on November 15, 2022)


This is the T-7 advanced trainer for the US Air Force, which will replace the T-38 Talon. 


This photo shows the aesthetic yet functional features of the T-7, which is developed by Boeing in cooperation with the Swedish aircraft manufacture, Saab. Here is some data for the T-7. The first flight was made in 2016. It is 14.3 m long and 9.33 m wide and powered by one turbo fan engine. Its maximum speed is Mach 1 plus. A trainee sits in the front and an instructor in the back in a tandem configuration as shown in the above photo. After completing the training program on the T-7, the trainee will move on to fly an operational jet fighter. The initial contract calls for the supply of 351 T-7s to the US Air force.


Now turning to the incumbent advanced trainer, the T-38. It’s surprising that the T-38 remains in service after more than 60 years since its first flight in 1959. More than 1,000 T-38s have been manufactured. Here is some data for the aircraft. Its 14.13 m long and 7.7 m wide and powered by two turbo jet engines. The maximum speed is Mach 1.3. 



This is the photo of the T-38 “showing off “it’s beautiful airframe. Did you know that the German Air Force trains its aircrew in the US using the same aircraft? It must be mentioned that the T-38 has been developed by a legendary aircraft designer by the name of Edgar Schmued (1899-1985). Schmued designed iconic fighters such as the P-51 Mustang during the Second World War, and the F-86 Saber which saw combat operations during the Korean war.






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