A ride on the Ferris wheel at Center Kita (North)

The Ferris wheel at Center Kita (North) happens to be the landmark of Kohoku New Town, northern Yokohama. On a Saturday afternoon, September 13, 2014, I rode on the Ferris wheel; the 12-minute ride was fun, of course, and it provided a good opportunity to take 360-degree photos.  

This photo is from my album, dated November 27, 2013.





Looking south, towards Center Minami (South). The Yokohama subway's "Blue Line" runs through Center Kita to Center Minami and continues to downtown Yokohama. Beyond the right side of this photo, you could see Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan - 3,776 m above sea level - in clear days.








Looking northeast, towards Tokyo when the gondola attached to the Ferris wheel  reached its maximum height of 67 m above the ground.










Looking east, towards Haneda airport








Looking southeast, towards Yokohama's sea port and the Minato Mirai area.


The Ferris wheel is located on the rooftop of a shopping mall. So, after the ride,

I strolled about the mall.

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