A down-sized Mount Fuji

(Updated on October 22, 2021)

On one of the New Years days, my wife and I took a walk along a pleasant pathway which links to one park after another. So, we came to “Kawawa Fuji” park in Tsuzuki ward, noted for its down-sized Mount Fuji; it is about 74 meters above sea level.


There are two ways of accessing the top: an easy spiral path as you can see here and a straight, direct one.


Well, it took us barely a few minutes to get to the top, from where we had a magnificent 360 degree-view. To the east, there is the “Tanzawa” mountain range, which stands in front of Mount Fuji thus blocking most of its graceful view except for the mountaintop. Unfortunately, we could not see Mount Fuji itself on that day because it was covered with thick clouds.


Turning to the south west, I was surprised to find some tall buildings ,especially “Landmark tower,” in the Yokohama Minato Mirai area so close by.


Here is some further information about Kawawa Fuji according to the Internet. It was originally built in the latter part of the Edo period at a different place nearby. Due to the subsequent development of the area, it was transferred to the present location.


There are quite a few similar down-sized Mount Fujis scattered in the Kanto area; but because of surrounding buildings now, you cannot see Mount Fuji from most of them. People built these for the purpose of worshiping the highest mountain in Japan.


Next time I visit there, I would like to see Mount Fuji.


This photo was taken just after sunrise on January 1, 2016.


Carp-shaped streamers on Children's Day, May 5, 2018.



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