Jyokeiji, a Buddhist temple known for hydrangeas

(Updated on July 1, 2021)

I am very fond of visiting Jyokeiji, which dates back to the mid- 17th century and is well known for beautiful flowers year around especially hydrangeas in June. The temple is located in the northern part of Kawasaki and is about 15 minutes walk from the nearest “Kakio” railway station on the Odakyu line.    

It is just breathtaking to walk along the temple approach in June when hydrangeas on both sides are in full blossom. Once inside the premises, what you will feel is a sense of humorous surprise by seeing more than 10 small stone statues of monks in various lively poses sporting cheerful expressions, like reading a book, drinking sake, cleaning with a broom, playing shogi (chess), two monks talking and laughing, even using a lap top computer, taking a photo, listening to an i-pod like gadget, talking on a cell phone etc.


Then you come into a small garden just before the temple itself. The whole atmosphere is that of tranquility and coziness yet somewhat feminine. Actually the temple has been run by nuns for decades.  


A nearby hill towers over the temple and is noted for plum blossoms in February, cherry blossoms in April, again hydrangeas in June, then tinted autumn leaves and finally camellias in the winter.


Additional information: the temple is located at 386, Kami-Asao, Asao-ku, Kawasaki. There is a parking lot for 5 to 6 cars.


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