Two beautiful gardens created by wealthy art collectors

(Posted on June 12, 2024)


Let me show you those two gardens first.


This is Sankei-en located in Naka Ward, Yokohama. (The photo by Dddeco)


This is the garden of Adachi Art Museum, Yasugi, Shimane prefecture.


Sankei-en was created in 1906 by Hara Tomitaro (1868-1939), a wealthy business tycoon of raw silk and also a tea ceremony master. Hara was a collector of traditional Chinese and Japanese artwork. 



He also sponsored Japanese artists like Kobayashi Kokei, Meda Seiton, Yokoyama Taikan, Shimomura Kanzan among others, who subsequently became art masters themselves. Hara rebuilt at Sankei-en altogether 17 historical houses that were transferred from mostly Kyoto, an ancient capital of Japan. Sankei-en is famous for plum blossoms in February, cherry blossoms from March to April and interestingly enough fireflies in summer. Vivid colorful leaves are breathtaking come December.  After WW2, Sankei-en was donated to the City of Yokohama.



Now turning to Adachi Art Museum, which was created by Adachi Zenkoo (1899-1990) in 1970, a business tycoon of real estate. Adachi was a keen collector of Japanese master artists, particularly Yokoyama Taikan. It was Adachi’s faith that a garden should be art itself, so he took meticulous attention to his garden.    




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