Early summer in 2016

(Posted on May 17, 20116)

As defined by the Japanese, we have just entered into what we call early summer, which lasts from May 6 to June 5 this year. There is a scientific reason for the early summer, but one could wonder, “Isn’t it too early?”. Well, let’s leave it as it is. Anyway, this period is most likely the best season not only for people, but also for plants and animals.


Here is a Haiku by Sodo Yamaguchi (1642-1716), depicting early summer in a straight forward way that is easily understood by today’s young people.


 Come fresh green leaves,


      Summer birds in the mountains, and


             the first bonitos, summer begins


(a translation by the author, trying to make it more understandable for non-Japanese readers)  


Selected photos of early summer from my album:


                 Khohoku new town, northern Yokohama, May 6, 2015

Motomachi, a fashionable shopping        A herb doctor’s old house in

district in Yokohama,  May 4, 2009        Yakushiike park, Machida,

                                                                   May 5, 2009



Jyokeiji, a Buddhist temple,                  Jike countryside, northern Yokohama

Kawasaki, June 6, 2009                         May 2, 2010




                                           Tsurukawa, Machida, May 3, 2010


     Kohoku new town,                                           Kobe, May 10, 2010

      northern Yokohama,            

     May 5, 2010


Yakusiike park, Machida,                           In the vicinity of Yamashita-koen

June 11, 2012                                               (park), Yokohama, May 2, 2013   


Center Minami (south), northern        Rice planting in the Jike countryside,

Yokohama, May 3, 2013                       northern Yokohama, May 27, 2013


Yakushiike park, Machida,                    Center kita (north), northern     

May 31, 2013                                         Yokohama, June 1, 2013 




                               Nakamachidai area, northern Yokohama, June 6, 2013


Center minami (south),              Shogakuji, a Buddhist temple in     

northern Yokohama,                  Kohoku new town, northern         

May 3, 2014                                Yokohama,June 17, 2014


Center minami (south), northern             Center minami (south), northern      

Yokohama, May 6, 2015                            Yokohama, May 26, 2015   



In the vicinity of Yamashita-koen          Motomachi, Yokohama, June 2, 2015

(park), Yokohama, June 2, 2015


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