Selected photos for 2014





Traditional dolls and decorations for girls' day festival in Kohoku new town, northern Yokohama, on March 3






Cherry blossoms in the Center Minami (south) area, northern Yokohama, on March 31

Cherry blossoms in "Baji-Koen", an equestrian park in Setagaya ward, Tokyo, on April 5 

Fresh green scenery in the Center Kita (north) area, northern Yokohama, on

April 19







Beautiful azaleas in Kohoku new town, northern Yokohama, on April 24 

Center Minami (south) on April 24

Rice planting in the Jike countryside, northern Yokohama, on June 4





A girl in traditional costume picking wilted irises at Yakushike park, Machida, Tokyo, on June 9







Purple irises at "Shogaku-ji", a Buddhist temple, in Center Minami (south), northern Yokohama, on June 17 






Looking towards the Imperial Palace moat, Tokyo, on July 6







The Imperial Palace ground, Tokyo, on July 6






Sunflowers in the Jike countryside, northern Yokohama, were both beautiful and powerful on a typical hot and humid afternoon on August 1.   

Ginza, Tokyo's most fashionable shopping district, on November 15

Beautiful autumn colors get deeper and more vivid day by day in Center Kita (north), northern Yokohama, on November 28. 





A Christmas tree at a shopping mall in Center Minami (south), northern Yokohama, on November 29.

Center Minami (south) on December 17.

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