Selected photos for 2019


Mochitsuki-taikai (rice cake pounding event) on January 12, 2019


Rice cake in the photo is made in a traditional way by pounding steamed glutinous rice with a wooden mallet. It is an annual event held at the local primary school by local volunteers and teachers. This time on a very cold day.  






The year’s first martial arts event on January 19, 2019


It was held at a local police station and included kendo (traditional swordsmanship) , judo and a demonstration of arresting a knife-swinging  criminal.





A view of northern Yokohama from a helicopter on January 23, 2019


The photo shows the Tomei expressway and its Yokohama-Aoba interchange, looking towards the west in the direction of Mt. Fuji (unfortunately it was obscured by the clouds). 








Plumb blossoms and yellow rape blossoms on February 27, 2019


This photo was taken in the countryside of northern Kawasaki.



The Ogasawara Islands on March 3, 2019


The islands are a world heritage site located some 1,000 km south of Tokyo. The isolation of the islands from continents rendered the evolution of its own flora and fauna: thus, the islands are sometimes called “The Galapagos of the East.” In the background is Pacific Venus, a 25,000-ton ocean liner. 






Iconic cherry blossoms on April 4, 2019


This photo was taken in the Kawawa area, northern Yokohama.






Sun rise on May 4, 2019


This photo was taken on the southern seashore of the Miura Peninsula, Kanagawa prefecture.








Irises on June 6, 2019


Colorful irises were seen at Shougakuji, a Buddhist temple, located in Tsuzuki ward, northern Yokohama.







Rice fields in the Jike countryside, northern Yokohama on July 3, 2019






Local summer festival on August 17, 2019


It was held at a primary school in our neighborhood, northern Yokohama. The photo shows a brass band of the  local junior high school.




After the rice harvest on September 26, 2019


The photo shows the harvested rice being dried before threshing in the Jike countryside, northern Yokohama.







A roadside stone statue and pink cosmoses in Nagano prefecture on October 3, 2019











A studio on October 29, 2019


This is the studio of Yamaguchi Hoshu (1893-1971), a master artist, located in Hayama town, Kanagawa prefecture.

The Aoba festival on November 3, 2019


On the national holiday called “Cultural Day” which falls on November 3, the Aoba festival is held at the premises of Aoba ward office. This year, more than 57,000 people attended the festival. There were 90 plus (mostly) food booths, songs and dance by various groups, health and sport related activities and more.

The photo here shows a performance of two players depicting a funny story with a small band of traditional musical instruments.                                                                                           





Pampas grass on November 5, 2019



With a beautiful blue sky, pampas grass sways in the wind



Disaster prevention drill on November 16, 2019


In our neighborhood, a disaster prevention drill was carried out. Here, local volunteers show various tools and instruments, such as power generators and a floodlight, which are kept at a warehouse in the background. 



Lake Asinoko in Hakone, a national parkabout 80 km west of central Tokyo on November 18, 2019


    It was a windy and cold day. This photo was taken from Narikawa art gallery,which hosted the works by Hori Fumiko who died at the age of 100 early this year. 



December 5, 2019 in Yokohama Yamate area


The two story apartment building on the right side was erected in 1927 for foreign residents . The building now belongs to the Yokohama municipality and is open to the public. 


As you go along the street, there is a church on the right side and a foreign cemetery further to the left.   






December 12, 2019 in Minato Mirai area, Yokohama


In the background is "Landmark Tower", the tallest building (296 m) in Yokohama. 



Four minutes to the year 2020,

"the year of the mouse," according to the Chinese zodiac calendar. 


This photo was taken from NHK broadcasting showing Narita-san Shinsho-ji, a Buddhist temple near Narita international airport in the background. There is a caption indicating the exact time on the lower right side.



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