Selected photos for 2018




The first visit to a Shinto shrine on January 14, 2018 


My granddaughter of two months was brought to Meiji Jingu (shrine) in Tokyo.




A fashionable shopping area in Yokohama on February 11, 2018


It is called Motomachi. This particular day was a national holiday, the Commemoration of the Founding of the Nation.





Iconic cherry blossoms along Egawa river, Tsuzuki ward, Yokohama on March 26, 2018.




Along a footpath in Kohoku new town, northern Yokohama on April 16, 2018


Footpaths there stretch in many directions and connect parks one after another.


The former residence of Shigeru Yoshida (1878-1967) on May 17, 2018


Yoshida was a political tycoon who led Japan after World War II. The residence is located in Oiso, Kanagawa prefecture, which is about 60 km south west of downtown Tokyo facing the Pacific Ocean.













Kannonzaki lighthouse on May 28, 2018


It is 19 meters high, standing at the mouth of Tokyo Bay and was rebuit in 1925. The initial lighthouse was built in 1869 as the first western lighthouse in Japan.





The Minato Mirai district, Yokohama on August 4, 2018


This photo was taken from the international passenger terminal for ocean liners



Summer festival in my neighborhood, northern Yokohama on August 19, 2018


The photo shows a brass band of the local junior high school. Volunteers provided food booths as well as those for playing games. 




An art exhibition of traditional farm houses at Setagaya Art museum, Setagaya, Tokyo on September 18, 2018


Junkichi Mukai (1901-1995)endeavored to depict traditional farm houses with thatched roofs still intact nationwide from northern to southern Japan.



Taking care of school kids on their way to school on September 26, 2018


On this particular day, a police officer with local volunteers assisted the kids crossing the street in my neighborhood, northern Yokohama.


A cottage, called Hinode Sanso, on September 27, 2018.


This cottage, which is located some 50 km west of downtown Tokyo, was once owned by Yasuhiro Nakasone, Japanese prime minister from 1982 to 1987. During his tenure, he welcomed Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Reagan to his cottage. Incidentally, Nakasone is now 100 years old! 




An unmanned weather radar station on October 5, 2018

It is located atop Mt. Kuruma (1,925 m high), Nagano prefecture . Ski lifts will take you to the top in ease.

Odawara castle on October 30, 2018

The castle keep was first erected in 1633 and was rebuilt in 1706.  The present one was built in 1960, not surprisingly as an RC structure. Odawara is located some 70 km south west of downtown Tokyo facing the Pacific Ocean. Incidentally, the city of Odawara with a population of 192,000 will host the Australian rugby team, the Wallabies, as their camp during the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan.



Center Minami (south), northern Yokohama on November 14, 2018


It's getting colder and the best time to appreciate vividly colorful scenery. In the old Japanese lunar calender, November was called the month of "frost".






Christmas is coming to Center Minami (south) in northern Yokohama


This photo was taken on December 7, 2018, showing a church-looking wedding hall.







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