Selected photos for June


Satoyama Gardens, Yokohama, June 2, 2017


A beautiful garden was made specifically for a flower and greenery festival called "Garden Yokohama 2017".  



Fashionable Ginza and Marunouchi areas in Tokyo on a Saturday afternoon, June 3, 2017. 


Jyokei-ji, a Buddhist temple, June 16, 2016


The temple is located in the northern part of Kawasaki city (that lies immediately west of Metropolitan Tokyo) and is well known for beautiful flowers year round, especially hydrangeas in June. You will be surprised to see more than ten stone monks sporting cheerful expressions and in lively poses like reading a book, drinking sake, playing shogi (chess), in contemplation and so on. 




A fashionable shopping area in Yokohama called "Motomachi" on June 2, 2015.



Rice planting at the Jike countryside, northern Yokohama.


June 4 , 2014


June 19, 2014


June 5,  2013



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Kohoku New Town

Jike countryside

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