Hayami Gyoshu (1894-1935), a master artist

(Posted on June 12, 2024)


One of the master pieces of Hayami is shown here. It is registered as a national cultural property.


“Embu”, or “Dancing in the Flames” created in 1925. This is owned by 

 Yamatane Art Museum, Shibuya, Tokyo.


Hayami was born in Tokyo. From the early days, he was interested in artistic drawing. So, at the age of 14, Hayami started as an apprentice artist. Eventually, his work was appreciated by painting circles. The Imperial Household bought one of his paintings. Hara Tomitaro, a business tycoon and renowned art collector at that time, became an undisputed patron. In 1929, Hayami attended the Japanese art exhibition in Rome, which was sponsored by the Italian government. There, Hayami exhibited “Camellia Petals Scattering,” as shown below.

This was created in 1929: registered as a national cultural property and owned by Yamatane Art Museum.


Hayami endeavored to evolve his art style: elements of decoration and symbolism were subsequently added to his fundamental style of realism.  Hayami was highly regarded by peer artists as one of the leading artists of Japan. However, Hayami abruptly died of an infectious disease in 1935 at the age of 40. Yokoyama Taikan, a master artist at that time, lamented his death, “a great loss to Japan”. 


“Emerald Mosses and Verdant Turf” created in 1928, owned by Yamatane Art Museum.



Lastly, let me show you two postage stamps: one for Embu and the other for himself.






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