The Setagaya Art Museum

(Submitted on November 14, 2012)

On October 31, 2012, my wife and I visited the Setagaya Art Museum, located in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward, for an exhibition of “Dialogues with contemporary art”. So, I would like to explain briefly about the exhibition.

Courtesy of Wiiii
Courtesy of Wiiii

The museum has selected 130 pieces of work from its collection, paintings and objects, which were created after the 1970s. The exhibition was divided into eight sections focusing on “dialogues” with: nature, everyday life, travelling, objects, history, stories, mystery, and lastly--after life.


How did I find it? Frankly speaking, it was rather difficult to understand or appreciate these contemporary arts, but I enjoyed pondering about each work considering what the artist was trying to express: unmistakably a dialogue.


After the exhibition, we walked in the nearby Kinuta Park on a beautiful and cool autumn day. You might be interested to know that, until 1957, the park was a golf course managed by the Tokyo Municipality. So, if you are aware of its history, you can imagine yourself walking in a golf course: for instance, a fairway stretching from one end to the other surrounded by lines of trees.


Lastly, I would like to show you some of the photos that I took in Kinuta Park.

Cherry blossoms and tulips on April 14, 2010



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