An open lecture by a famed TV personality

(Submitted on October 17, 2012)


There was an open lecture by Tetsuo Suda who is a famed TV personality on Channel 8 on October 14, 2012 at a venue close to Ichigao station on the Denentoshi Line. As a matter of fact, our Edanishi residents’ association had arranged this event. Suda (64 years old) now anchors a political debate every Sunday morning (7:30 to 9:00 am) on Fuji TV, Channel 8, inviting leading politicians and commentators to discuss various hot issues. Suda spoke on “the power of words in connecting people”. Here are some excerpts.


In front of an audience of about 50 people, he started his talk in a professional manner coupled with witty remarks here and there. Just a day before, a writer, Saiichi Maruya, died at the age of 87. So, Suda made a reference to one of his verses that he likes: “What is important for you is to keep in good health with a little bit of cleverness.” He said that he quite often used this citation in his speeches, perhaps giving a warm and fatherly message to newly- wed couples or graduating students.


Then, he went on to explain some basics stemming from years of being an experienced announcer, which augment the power of words: first of all voice (tone, pitch and volume) that reflects your personality, secondly the usage of appropriate words in a thoughtful manner, and thirdly saying hello in a proper way.


Suda said that he learnt a lot through interviewing many different people about what were essential manners in connecting people. First, it is to show sympathy for others: in particular to understand what he or she stands for. Second, try to be a wise listener so that a person to whom you are talking will feel more relaxed and encouraged to reveal one’s mind.


As I understood it Suda explained to us in essence that words are a powerful tool of communication for connecting people: provided that you have a little patience to understand other people.


     Fuji TV (Channel 8)
Fuji TV (Channel 8)



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