The portraits of new banknotes

(Posted on November 10, 2021)

In 2024, new banknotes will be circulated. A new 10,000-yen bill will have the portrait of Shibusawa Eiichi (1840-1931), a farmer, Shogunate’s samurai, government official, business tycoon, educator and more. He was made a viscount.

                    A sample of the 10,000-yen bill (Ministry of Finance Japan)



A new 5,000-yen bill will have the portrait of Tsuda Umeko (1864-1929), an educator. She funded Tsuda University in Tokyo.

A new 1,000-yen note will have the portrait of Kitazato Shibasaburoh (1853-1931), co-discoverer of the infectious agent of bubonic plague and the antitoxin serum for diphtheria. He was made a baron.

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