A day tour of the Diet and Tokyo Sky Tree building

(Posted on May 16, 2024)

On April 28, 2024, we took a day tour of the Diet and Sky Tree building.

First, we headed for the Diet which is composed of two houses: the House of Representatives, lower house with 465 members elected for four year

tenures, and the House of Councilors, upper house with 246 members elected for six years.



The building was constructed in 1936. The House of Representatives sits on

the left side and the House of Councilors on the right side (behind trees in the above photo). You might ask which House is stronger? Simply put, the House of Representatives has the prerogative power: a fiscal bill, treaty and the appointment of a prime minister will become law once the lower house passes them. Basically, a bill becomes a law when both houses pass it. What happens if the upper house rejects a bill? In this case, it will become law when the lower house passes it again.  


                    We visited the House of Representatives.



Then, we went to Tokyo Sky Tree, which is a 634 meter –high broadcasting tower, the world’s highest tower in down town Tokyo. It was constructed in 2012. Previously, Tokyo Tower (333 meters high) was the broadcasting tower, but because of high rise buildings popping up here and there over time, it became increasingly difficult to receive clear signals from Tokyo Tower. This is why Tokyo Sky Tree was erected.





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