Photos taken in September, 2018


An oil painting depicting a traditional farm house with a thatched roof by Junkichi Mukai (1901-1995). There was an exhibition of his works at Setagaya Art museum, Setagaya, Tokyo, which I visited on September 18, 2018. Mukai endeavored to depict traditional farm houses still intact nationwide from northern to southern Japan.






Taking care of school kids on their way to school on September 26, 2018 in my neighborhood, northern Yokohama. On this particular day, a police officer with local volunteers assisted the kids crossing the street.



On September 27, 2018, we visited a cottage, called Hinode Sanso, which is located some 50 km west of downtown Tokyo; it technically is in the Metropolitan Tokyo area but in remote countryside location. The cottage was once owned by Yasuhiro Nakasone, Japanese prime minister from 1982 to 1987. During his tenure, he welcomed Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Reagan to his cottage. The cottage was donated to the local municipality. Incidentally, Nakasone is now 100 years old.

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