Photos taken in Autumn, 2019

September 21, 2019  a drill to set up a toilet at the local evacuation center, northern Yokohama


At our evacuation center, five "flush" toilets are provided to be installed when necessary. Water from the school pool located on rooftop will be used in case of no running water. The first step of the drill was to install one toilet cabinet over a manhole (in all five toilet cabinets can be installed, including a wider one for a wheel chair user)  Second step was to set up a manually operated pump at the school pool. The third step was to connect water hoses from the pump to the toilet area. Then, water was fed to a storage tank underneath a toilet cabinet. According to the manual, we are required to discharged the storage tank several times a day depending on usage. This drill was carried out by local volunteers.  



September 23, 2019 at Toshogu, Nikko, Tochigi prefecture, about 120 km north of downtown Tokyo


Toshogu is a shrine built for Tokugawa Ieyasu, who founded the Tokugawa Shogunate that lasted for nearly three centuries (from the early 17th to the latter part of the 19th Century). The photo on the right shows Hanyu service area along 

Tohoku expressway on the way to Nikko. 


September 26, 2019 Jike countryside, northern Yokohama


It was time for the rice harvest. 


October 3, 2019  Near Tateshina, Nagano prefecture


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