The view of northern Yokohama from a helicopter

 (Northern Yokohama, the Tomei expressway and its Yokohama-Aoba interchange, looking towards the west in the direction of Mt. Fuji.)


On a sunny day, January 23, 2019, I had the rare occasion of riding in a helicopter

that flew over northern Yokohama. The Yokohama fire department invited some

local residents for the ride. First, we went to the fire department’s heliport, which

is located in southernmost Yokohama on the seafront. One of the two helicopters

belonging to the fire department was waiting for us. It was a twin-engine craft,

called Agusta AW 139 made by AgustaWestland Co. of Italy.


The take-off was so smooth that I could hardly notice. It was a big surprise for me

as compared with my previous ride in a helicopter more than 30 years or so ago: when I felt tremendous vibrations and roaring! The flight took about eight minutes to reach northern Yokohama. While we were there, the pilot announced that he had taken evasive action to avoid an incoming aircraft that was going to land at Chofu airport nearby. I was trying hard to find the location of my house, but it didn’t pay off. After making a big turn, our helicopter started the return flight. Just before landing, the pilot made an announcement that he had taken evasive action again, but this time for birds. Then, we landed. The final part of the tour took us to the helicopter hanger where we were briefed about the helicopter.








Taking off from the heliport







The Augusta AW 139








Over the port of Yokohama







                                                                         Northern Yokohama, Tokyo in the background












Northern Yokohama, the Tomei 

expressway on the right, Tokyo in the 










Over the Minato Mirai district,  








Another helicopter in the hanger






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