Photos taken in December, 2018




Christmas is coming to Center Minami (south) in northern Yokohama. This photo was taken on December 7, 2018, showing a church-looking wedding hall.




Local nursery school kids participating in a disaster prevention drill on December 10, 2018. What were they looking at so eagerly? It's a portable toilet with a plastic bag. The kids were watching water inside the bag become solid as soon as a coagulant was added.




Sorry but it's a toilet again. Local volunteers participated in a practice of setting up a "new" make-shift toilet for use at  evacuation shelters. What's special about this new toilet? It will be placed right over a manhole and water from a nearby swimming pool on a rooftop will be used to "flush".  

Center Minami (south), northern Yokohama on December 27, 2018

Soon after Christmas, it's time for the New Year's preparation. At the entrance of a shopping mall (the left photo), you can see a typical decoration for the season.  




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