Photos taken in November, 2019

The Aoba festival on November 3, 2019


On the national holiday called “Cultural Day” which falls on November 3, the Aoba festival is held at the premises of Aoba ward office. This year, more than 57,000 people attended the festival. There were 90 plus (mostly) food booths, songs and dance by various groups, health and sport related activities and more.

The photo here shows a performance of two players depicting a funny story with a small band of traditional musical instruments.                                                                                           





Pampas grass on November 5, 2019



With beautiful blue sky, pampas grass sways in the wind


Disaster prevention drill on November 16, 2019


In our neighborhood, a disaster prevention drill was carried out. Here, local volunteers show various tools and instruments, such as power generators and a floodlight, which are kept at a warehouse in the background. 



Lake Asinoko in Hakone, a national parkabout 80 km west of central Tokyo on November 18, 2019


    It was a windy and cold day. This photo was taken from Narikawa art gallery,which hosted the works by Hori Fumiko who died at the age of 100 early this year. 



   A disaster prevention drill for nursery school kids held in a nearby park on 

   November 21, 2019


   Local volunteers prepared for the drill. At this corner in the foreground,

   it was a demonstration of how to use a toilet (by using coagulant) when there

was no running water.




A park in my neighborhood on November 25, 2019


   A gingko tree surrounded by fallen yellow leaves.









    A view from MOA museum in Atami, November 29, 2019


   The museum holds Japanese traditional paintings, calligraphy, porcelain and craft work that include three national treasures. Atami is located some

90 km south west of central Tokyo.   




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